Meeting Minutes

In attendance:
Susan Butler
Marie Buckman
Don McMillian, Jr.
Nicky Ford
Robert Payne
Joe Hamilton

Susan called the meeting to order at 6:18 pm She advised that Dave Shofman and Jane Fountain have resigned from the board due to scheduling conflicts.  Susan had checked the by-laws and noted that 9 is the correct number of board members which we have now with the above mentioned resignations. She advised that, based on the by-laws, Marie Buckman can act as both the Secretary and Treasurer upon board member approval.  Robert Payne motioned to adopt this measure.  Don McMillian seconded and all agreed. 

Secretary:  Copies of the January meeting were given to each person.  These had been previously sent to all members by email.  Nicky motioned to accept as presented.  Robert seconded and all agreed.

Treasurer's Report: Susan presented the Treasurer's report this month.  There were no changes from the January report.  Nicky motioned to accept the report as presented.  Don McMillian seconded and all agreed.

Safety & Security:  Dave Murphy could not attend.  There was a general discussion regarding security matters in the area. 

Susan spoke to us about plans for the upcoming Celebrate Lake Spivey event scheduled for May 16 at the International Park (The Beach).  Karen Powers will prepare the advertising brochure with the La Dolce Vita (The good life) theme.  Marie Buckman agreed to chair the Vendor Showcase again this year.  Susan will act as the general chairman and continue to look for other volunteers.  Joe and Sherry Hamilton will handle the golf tournament before the road race in the fall.  Arnold Goodson will chair the road race event.

Economic Development:  Don McMillian advised there is not a lot of new activity in the economic development area.  He spoke in general about the hospital funds allocated for this year.  Robert spoke of current real estate values in the area which seem to be trending up in some areas.

Nicky Ford motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Marie Buckman seconded and all agreed.

Meeting was adjourned.