Meeting Minutes

In attendance:
Susan Butler
Nicky Ford
Robert Payne
Dave Murphy
Karen Powers
Sherry Hamilton (replacement member for Joe Hamilton)

Susan called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm.  She advised that Joe Hamilton only wanted to be involved with the LSCI board for the duration of the plans and preparations to start the walking trail that will be a vital part of the LSCI communities when it is completed.  Since he donated golf course land to the pathway foundation, he has played a vital role in the successful  plans for the trail.  Sherry Hamilton agreed to serve in Joe's place with board member approval.  Susan motioned to accept.  Robert Payne seconded and all agreed.

Secretary:  Marie was unable to attend.  Minutes of the February meeting were presented with one noted change in a motion made by Karen.  The minutes will be corrected and re-sent.
Robert motioned to accept.  Dave seconded and all agreed.

Treasurer's report:  Susan advised no changes from January.  All 2015 invoices have been sent out and Lake Spivey Civic Association has already paid. 

Safety & Security:  Dave reported no major events recently.  Susan will email Schindler to see if he can attend the community wide meeting in April.  Clayton County reports the area has been relatively quiet lately.  Susan is obtain the new police contact for Henry county.

Susan spoke about continuing plans for the La Dolce Vita event in May.  The new web site is almost completed.  All board members need to submit their short bio to Susan as soon as possible.  Each member must be at her pool house at 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 19 to have pictures taken for the web site.  Susan again asked for volunteers to help with the celebration event.

Economic Development:  Don McMillian reported that the hospital is still struggling financially. The hospital is asking the county for financial support.  A nationwide search for a new Economic Development manager is on going. 

IT development:  Robert Payne said pictures of each member neighborhood will be on the web site by the middle of April.  Shut down of the old web site is scheduled for April 30.  There was a brief discussion of camera systems in place for each neighborhood.  Each community should update their own data bases and provide the updates to LSCI.  Robert and Nathan Sanders will brainstorm on best way to send e-mail blasts to all neighborhoods.  A problem is access limitations.  The IT committee is charged with coming up with ideas for better communications.

The Partnership Agreement was discussed.  It was reviewed and suggested changes noted.  A revised agreement will be sent to all board members immediately for review and agreement. 

Robert motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Sherry seconded and all agreed.

Meeting adjourned.