Meeting Minutes



Susan called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm on April 20, 2014.

She thanked everyone for coming and asked each LSCI board member to introduce themselves. 


Secretary: Marie Buckman - Following introductions, the minutes of the last meeting were distributed to each board member. Sherry Hamilton motioned to accept the minutes as presented. Dave Murphy seconded and all agreed.

Treasurer: Marie Buckman - Marie presented the Treasurer's report. She gave both the checking and money market account balances and explained that details of all transactions could be found on the new website. Nicky Ford motioned to accept the report as presented. Dave Murphy seconded and all agreed.

Economic Development: Don McMillian, Jr. - Don reported that the new I- 75 Hot Lane construction has started. He also reported that the new Walking Trail is in the implementation stage at this point.

Safety & Security: Dave Murphy - Dave reported all has been quiet in the neighborhoods these past few weeks.

Information Technology: Robert Payne will present the new website as part of the annual community meeting.

Susan presented the re-negotiated Partnership Agreement with Parks & Rec regarding sharing of profits for upcoming events. Each board member was given a copy and changes explained. Marie Buckman motioned to accept the agreement as presented. Dave Murphy seconded and all agreed.

Sherry Hamilton motion to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.





Susan gave details of the upcoming Celebrate Lake Spivey event. She asked for volunteers. Susan advised the benefactors for the celebration will be Clayton County CASA and Henry County's Haven House. She gave a brief description of each. She advised the benefactors for the fall golf tournament and road race will be Southern Regional's NICU and Kids Outdoors initiative. She explained their functions as well.

She then introduced the first guest: Commissioner Michael Edmondson: Michael advised of the streaming website wherein much information of the county can be accessed at any time. He spoke about the Pathway Foundation who are building the walking trail. He gave details of their organization. He spoke about the new District 4 Rec center. He said the county will nominate the contractor within the next 30 to 60 days. The fluid plan is to tear down an old building and construct it there. It is designed for people living an active lifestyle. Construction is expected to start at the end of this season and hopes to be complete by the time the 2016 season begins. He said the county expects to have enough operating revenue to avoid in property tax increases. Prisoners will maintain the new walking trail. The county is committed to keep the trail in good repair. He said the county is developing a master plan for the park with plans to re-design/model the VIP building. They envision the amphitheater being similar to Chastain Park. 

Susan next introduced commissioner Bruce Holmes who represents the area of Henry County that falls in the LSCI area. Mr. Holmes said Henry County is working on their trail projects to connect with other counties. The current and projected trail maps can be found on the Parks & Rec website for Henry County. Mr. Holmes introduced a county employee named Rocky. Rocky told us about Henry County SPLOST projects. The Blackhall/Jodeco Road round-a-bout will be funded 80% by GDOT and 20% by Henry County. They are in the process of acquiring rights of way. Construction is expected to start in 2016. The bridge on Blackhall will have to be replaced and a plan to handle traffic during the construction must be implemented when construction starts as this is a very busy road. Susan reminded them that LSCI is keenly interested to have our marker sign in the center of the round-a-bout.Mr. Holmes advised that he believes that Lake Spivey Parkway is the gateway to the Southern Crescent. An overlay plan for development is being drawn up that will include 8 foot wide sidewalks and a sign ordinance. An improved landscape plan for their part of the parkway is under discussion.The parkway has the highest traffic count as well as the highest income in the area. He agrees 138 should be the jewel in their overall design. Susan asked to be included in their CID matters. A couple of local residents pointed out areas where signage needs to be improved for safety reasons.

Robert Payne then introduced the new LSCI website. It is much improved with more pictures and at a fraction of the cost of the old one. The new website is

Susan then introduced Lt. Jason Bolton of the Henry County PD who responsible for policing the HC portion of LSCI. Lt. Bolton said the crime stats for this part of Henry County are very low. He spoke in general about crime in this area compared to other parts of the county.

Susan then introduced Capt. Stefan Schindler of the Clayton County PD who is responsible for Sector 4. He outlined the geographic area and also said that crime in this area is much lower than other parts of the county. He does not have concern for safety on the new trails. He explained crime is much higher in areas where apartment buildings are located. He answered general questions from residents and gave the county website for residents to view crime statistics.Susan explained how the oval LSCI window stickers identify cars as belonging to this community for all residents.

She thanked the guest speakers and attendees again for their participation.

Susan adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm