Meeting Minutes

President: Susan Butler called the September 21, 2015 meeting to order at 6:37 PM

Secretary:  Marie Buckman presented the minutes of the last meeting which had been emailed to all board members and posted on the website. 

Robert Payne motioned to accept the minutes as presented.  Nicky Ford seconded and all agreed.

Treasurer:  Marie Buckman reported that the Money Market account has a balance of $10.049.66 and the checking account balance is $7,120.08.  There are no unpaid invoices.  Sherry Hamilton motioned to accept the report as presented.  Karen Powers seconded and all agreed.

Economic Development:  Don McMillian reported that the hospital purchase by Prime is moving forward as expected.  Susan Butler advised that Google will be laying state of the art fiber optic cable in the county soon.  Google will train the selected contractor's employees in how to properly install the cable. 

There is no update from the Stockbridge City Manager regarding the concern of LSCI of the zoning for the vacant land near Ingles on Walt Stephens Road.  However, the City Manager and the Councilwoman, Ms. Gantt, are receptive to the board's ideas and share our concerns.

Safety & Security:  Dave Murphy was not able to attend this meeting.  No recent criminal activity in the area was reported by any board member.

Membership:  Marie Buckman reported no current activity to add new member neighborhoods.  Marie asked the board's opinion about adding neighborhoods not previously considered.  It was discussed and decided to leave the geographic area as current based on the original concept for LSCI. 

IT:  Robert Payne and Susan reported no response from Porsche regarding the open house on the lake idea so no need for the IDX geographic search program at this time.  It was decided to shelve the idea until next spring.  Robert is populating the new website as he receives information.  Viewership is still low.  He asks the board to please visit our Facebook page and "share" the information with our contacts.

Newsletter:  It was decided that a quarterly newsletter is preferred.  Sherry will build a template with Susan's assistance and proceed with the first edition.

The volunteer appreciation party for after the golf tournament will be postponed due to much activity that weekend with the golf tournament and the road race being back to back.   A "wrap" gathering will be planned for a later date.

Road Race:  Arnold Goodson, Chairman for the committee, was not able to attend this meeting.

Golf Tournament:  The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing how best to promote the tournament and other details such as the need for teams to play and good raffle prizes. 

Don McMillian motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Karen Powers seconded and all agreed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:59 PM.