Meeting Minutes

President Susan Butler called the meeting to order at 6:45 pm.

Secretary Marie Buckman presented the minutes of the last meeting.  Copies of the minutes were given to the board members present and are posted on the website.  Dave Murphy motioned to accept the minutes as presented.  Karen Powers seconded and all agreed.

Treasurer Marie Buckman presented the current Treasurer's Report as follows: Current Checking Account balance is $11,484.71 Current Money Market balance is $10,052.14 Don McMillian motioned to accept the minutes as presented.  Nicky Ford seconded and all agreed.

Economic Development chair Don McMillian advised the sales of Southern Region Hospital to Prime is progressing along as expected.  Prime will spend about $10 million on capital improvements.  They do not plan to change the current business model of the hospital.

Safety and Security chair Dave Murphy spoke to Capt. Schindler of Clayton County police and advised our area has been very quiet recently.  "Next Door" is another website similar to Nation of Neighbor's that residents can log onto for community crime information.  Nicky Ford reported some crime activity caught on their cameras at Spivey Glenn.  Henry County police are investigating. 

Membership chair Marie Buckman reported that Susan Butler is following up on recent communications between Susan, Marie and Megan Holland of LJ HOA regarding Lake Jodeco 's participation in LSCI.  They are reorganizing their HOA.  Judge Teske has recently moved there and will try to become a part of their HOA.  No other membership activity reported.

IT chair Robert Payne was not present.  Susan advised several pictures taken of the recent golf tournament will be posted on the website very soon. 


Regarding monetary figures from the Golf Tournament and the Road Race, the following are preliminary figures and are subject to change as all monies are collected and all vendors and beneficiaries are paid. Income after expenses at this time is $5,645.00.  Twenty five percent (25%) of final net profits will be paid to beneficiary Kids Outdoors.  Money still owned to LSCI is $800.00.

The Road Race lost $1327.00.  Part of the reason for the loss was due to low attendance on race day because of stormy weather.   There were 163 pre-registered/pre-paid racers.  There were 30 racers who paid on race day.  Usually there are a lot more but the weather was stormy until race time and fewer runners attended.  However, all agreed the road race is a positive community awareness building event and should continue. 

The board brainstormed ideas for the spring event scheduled for May 6, 2016.   We are looking for a fresh approach and all agreed that a family fun festival featuring games for adults and kids, possible food trucks for food choices, a possible D J, for music etc., are good ideas.  The general idea is to reach outside the immediate community for attendance.   Additional ideas will be discussed over the coming months.

Susan Butler advised the concern for the undeveloped 62 acres on Walt Stephens Road is being address with elected officials.  The goal for this property, and other undeveloped properties in the immediate area that are currently zoned multi-family, is to insure the final use will not be detrimental to the community.

Susan and Sherry Hamilton will attend Constant Contact training with Robert Payne for instructions to transfer member communities’ website information to 

Karen Powers motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Don McMillian seconded and all agreed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 pm.