Neighborhood Watch Information

       In an effort to attract and retain quality families and partners Lake Spivey Community, Inc., (LSCI) has developed strong relationships with law enforcement across county lines. Cooperation and sharing of information within the LSCI footprint is crucial to deterring crime and keeping our communities safe and secure. Homeowners within LSCI have several tools if used will help arm every citizen with the knowledge about their surroundings. The amount of technology available to communities is staggering and only requires the will of the residents.

Dave Murphy (Safety & Security Chair)

Below are some websites/links that will keep you informed

Nation Of Neighbors

Clayton County Police\

Clayton County Sheriff’s Office

Clayton County Public Schools  Office of Safety and Security

Henry County Police

MAPNIMBUS: We provide an on-line public crime & sex offender mapping tool. You can sign up for alerts based on your criteria (i.e. ½ mile radius of the clubhouse). If you need any assistance using it, feel free to call me and I can walk you through it over the phone.

REPORT IT: We also provide a free, secure on-line tool for residents to use in recording information about all their valuables, in case of loss, theft, fire or similar. The data can be retrieved and provided to law enforcement or insurance companies when needed.

SOCIAL MEDIA: The Henry County Police Department also maintains a presence on social media.

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