Lake Spivey Community area residents. Please be on alert, recently a home inside of Lake Spivey Country Club, near the entrance, was Burglarized. Numerous items were stolen including guns, electronics, jewelry, and a car from the garage. The auto was later located abandoned on Walt Stephens Road. The homeowners were not home during the intrusion as they were away visiting family members out of state. There is word that the homeowner may have made it known to people in the community that they would be away during this time frame and the alleged thieves may have known about their absence from the property. Please be advised that Clayton County Police Department is investigating this incident and will pursue all leads. If you or anyone you know have any information on this incident, please call Clayton County Police Headquarters where they will gladly accept an anonymous call with information leading to the apprehension of suspects. As a precautionary, please limit the number of people knowing when you and your family will not be at home as this is a clear opportunity for would be thieves to undergo a "crime of opportunity" like this one.